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The estate

Jean-Michel Stéphan through his father and his great grandfather, comes from a family of vegetable and fruit growers. At the beginning, the wine estate included 2 hectares in theCôte-rôtie AOC area from which the grapes were sold to a local wine merchant. It was only in 1994 that the first bottles of the estate were marketed.

In 2017, Jean-Michel Stéphan joined forces with his son Romain to create the Maison Stéphan and started to build its future.

The Natural Wine approach Vin Nature comes from Jules CHAUVETa wine merchant and a scientist in Beaujolais. The idea is to create a wine without adding any correcting product for a better digestibility and aromatic complexity of the wines. These wines are made for pleasure and can also be aged.

A charter (AVN) was created in the 2000’s to supervise the production, educate consumers and have full transparency of the winemakers job..

Nowadays, Maison Stéphan is a family run estate which works with organic winemaking methodsto offer you quality wines well known all over the world.


Jean-Michel Stéphan created the wine estate


They started the production of organic wine


The first production of “natural” wine


Jean-Michel Stéphan went into partnership with his son Romain to create the “Maison Stéphan”

Maison Stéphan

The vine growing

Learn about the seasonal work in the vineyard

  • 1

    October / November

    Rebuilding of walls that collapsed throughout the year. Marking for the replacement of dead vines, pulling out vines and land preparation for the replanting.

  • 2

    December / February

    The beginning of vine pruning (2 weeks per month in descending moon for preserving sap). Burning of vine shoots, vine listing (trellising, wooden stake maintenance), bending of the canes (Viognier and Serine grape varieties). Cleaning of edges (cutting of trees, pulling out brambles and bushes). Earthing up the vines with a horse.

  • 3


    Planting of young vines.

  • 4

    March / April

    Earthing up the vines with a hoist, pulling down the clod of soil earthed up in autumn to protect the foot of the vine during winter with a horse (working the soil by horse between the vines) then passage of the tiller in the vineyards.

  • 5


    Disbudding and scratching the soil with a winch or a horse.

  • 6

    June / July

    First and second lifting, disbudding (removal of spurs), soil scratching with a winch or a horse, plus tiller, plus working with a pickaxe, shearing, treatment of the vine with a copper-sulphur mixture.

  • 7

    August / September

    Preparation of the harvest : washing the buckets, the harvest baskets, the tanks and all the harvest material. Cleaning of the stairs in the vineyard (to remove dirt), of the paths for the chenillette.

  • 8

    September / early October

    Harvest time

Jean-Michel Stéphan et Romain Stéphan

Maison Stéphan - Photgraphie Vignes Forêt

Maison Stéphan - Photographie Cave

Maison Stéphan - Photographie Vignes Maison

Our wines

Find below our different “cuvées”, available for sale at the estate and in our shop.

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